Monday, June 18, 2012

Stablio Point 88 Fine tip 0.4

Stablio Point 88 Fine tip 0.4

The Stablio Point 88 from is a great little workhorse for the price… less than $1. The Point 88 has a smooth line that writes well on the tip, but not as well if you angle the pen much (about 75 degrees from the paper).  Expect a solid fine line, and surprising versatility in the line width.  The pen performs well with both large and small print, and is appropriate for both general writing and pen sketching.  I would hesitate to use the point 88 as a pen with any sort of watercolor wash, as it is a water-based ink, and will smudge slightly if wet.  There is no smudging with normal use. The pen does bleed through on normal weight paper, so I would caution anyone who needs to work on both sides of a paper.

The pen is light, and has a hexagon shaped barrel that feels like a pencil.  This is a good choice for ruler or stencil work, as the tip is protected in a metal case.  I accidentally left the pen out for quite a few hours, and the tip did not dry out.  The pen also withstood the preschooler test, which involves a sort of write/pound/scribble gauntlet.

Overall, at $.88, this is a great little everyday pen. I recommend this for people who need a bold line or like to color-code everything, the point 88 comes in 25 different colors. If you forget your caps, or lose them like I do, the point 88 is a very forgiving pen. For scrapbooking, cardmaking, art journaling, or drawing, this is a solid choice, due to the lighfastness of the ink. The pen does not make claims to be acid free, and I am not suggesting it is.
Overall Rating 4/5
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