Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fisher Space Pen

The Fisher Space Pen was sent to me for review by
Fisher Space Pen Bullet Ballpoint Pen - Classic Finish - Medium Point Black Ink - Chrome Body - FISHER SPACE PEN 400
The pen comes in a sturdy plastic case with the story of the development of the pens and claims of the pens abilities including writing in freezing conditions, boiling conditions, upside down and on grease. Now, with all these claims I knew that I needed to up this review a bit and test the limits of the pen. First, as a general pen, it writes smoothly with a clear line, and a satisfying retro clicking sound as you write (remember government pens?)

Test #1: sideways
My carpool buddy was less than impressed at the Fisher Space Pen's ability to write sideways at high speeds. Apparently, updating a shopping list on the freeway while I'm driving is not an approved car pool activity. However, I was quite impressed at the Pen's ability to keep a constant line horizontally.
Verdict: Pass
Test #2: upside down
I held my handy dandy twenty five cent mead pad up to the ceiling while standing on a chair and drew circles until my arms got tired and my husband walked in and decided I had lost my mind. The line remained constant. Afterward, I realized that I probably could have just sat on the couch and held up the notebook.
Verdict: Pass

Test #3 underwater
I got a container and filled it with water and wrote on cardboard. Impressively, the space pen wrote quite well. I began to wonder if underwater writing was a secret feature of all ball point pens, and I grabbed a red Bic. The Bic wrote well for a second and then seized.
Verdict: Pass

Test #4 oil
I poured some olive oil on a sheet of paper and tried writing. The Fisher Space Pen was not adept at handling oily paper, although it perform better than its nemesis the red Bic.
Verdict: Fail

Test #5 grease
I grabbed a can of WD-40 and sprayed my paper. The Space Pen wrote in a pencil like manner that was readable. The red Bic did not fare as well.
Verdict: Pass

Test #6 Skin
Skin performance is not a feature important to many other than college students for post party pranks, but I still enjoy the occasional sleeping mustache or pen tattoo to kill time. Most pens do not hold up to the challenge, the Space Pen is an outstanding choice. The line stays clear and dark.
Verdict: Pass

Test #7 Parchment
I tried writing on a piece of baking parchment and space pen did well on the paper, which is wonderful for marking flavored butters or items in the freezer items.

With a $20 price point there are a few pen users I would suggest consider dropping the cash for this pen. Astronauts, of course, and workers in conditions that are wet, messy or dirty. If you find yourself using a wall as a desk, or find pens dislike the conditions you choose for writing, definitely give the Fisher Space Pen a go.

I highly recommend Jet Pens. Not because the sent a sample, but because they are the best place to find your perfect pen. They sell pens in every price point from $.39 to a couple hundred dollars. The shipping is fast and accurate, and they have fabulous customer service. I was a customer before this review and will continue to be a customer. I love them.

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