Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stablio Point Visco 0.5

I thought I would share my other favorite pen, the Stablio Point Visco 0.5.  I love the smooth, dark line of this pen, and adore the way the pen works with my loose, sloppy writing.  It is the same size as a typical pencil, and has the same shape.  There is a comfortable grip on the pen. The cap is small, and I lose it constantly, but the pen has sat out with no lid for days with no loss of performance, so I can forgive the lack of a retractable option.  You might question why my two favorite pens both list cons, and honestly, I am pragmatic.  Nothing is perfect, but I love a pen that I am able to use as both a writing and sketching too.  It saves space and time.  I also adore writing with instruments that I enjoy using for drawing.  It makes notes or messages seem less mundane somehow.   

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